Disinfection with a nano concept

AIRDAL coating® apply by wet wiping or spraying, without attacking the texture of the surface. After application and curing for 6 hours, the invisible film forms a durable, wear-resistant ultra-thin layer of transparent 100 % amorphous glass. Treated surfaces are easier to clean. AIRDAL coating® also contains a unique GLIDE function - it first subjects the silica layer to mechanical stress in the event of sliding contact, before it attacks the product. The treated surfaces are sealed. The active agent used here called “Liquid Guard Technology” protects the AIRDAL coating® microbial attacks. The coating is resistant to bacteria and viruses incl. SARS-CoV-2 and other microorganisms in liquid and dry state. The antimicrobial agent lasts up to 12 months and even longer.

Protect your investment! AIRDAL coating® - long-term surface finish for hard, non-absorbent and soft absorbent surfaces such as textiles and leather.

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