Active against pathogenic germs Avec la solution Svirex, la désinfection par aérosolisation et le revêtement des surfaces par une couche anti-microbienne ultra-mince, la propagation des virus, bactéries et autres agents pathogènes peut être limitée voire stoppée. arrow_forward Contact us
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Active solution 99.9999%
Total disinfection
Qualified and professional
A 99.9999% disinfection of all your surfaces and premises.
Your customers and employees deserve a clean and safe place !!

The processes and systems we put in place provide consistent, high-quality service with an emphasis on security.

All our employees are trained in the most recent disinfection techniques.

Coating Solution
We offer 12 month long lasting protection.
Aerosolization solution
Can be applied in depth on all surfaces. Log-6 reduction.
Complete Solution
Coating and aerosolization process. Log-6 reduction and 12 month protection.
100% Satisfaction
We offer a wide variety of services