Disinfection by coating

Surface coating, an innovative solution for lasting disinfection.

SVIREX uses a state-of-the-art product which won the German Innovation Award in 2019.
AIRDAL® COATING (also known as Liquid Guard®) is an anti-microbial coating that, when applied, actively attracts and kills harmful bacteria and viruses. For 12 months, bacteria and viruses that come in contact with the treated surface will be killed. Although our coating solution works continuously, that is also between these cleaning cycles, it is still important to note that a coating of surfaces does not replace cleaning.

A thick layer of dirt on the coated surface will make the treatment less effective. Did you know that a simple sneeze, for example, can emit around 200 million fine particles that can be charged with the coronavirus.

The finest particles can stay in the air for several hours and then fall to a surface. The smoother the surface, the longer a virus can survive on it, depending on temperature and other factors for up to 9 days on stainless steel and plastic.

Only a few hundred active viruses are enough to infect a person.

One can imagine the coated surface as an area armed with tiny spikes against microbial infestations. The positively charged nitrogen molecules in the solution when applied attract the negatively charged cell walls of viruses and bacteria and mechanically destroy them on the tips of the carbon molecules. It happens all the time. Viruses and bacteria are thus not only inactivated, but also destroyed.

If you clean and disinfect a surface with a conventional disinfectant, it will be immediately free of viruses and bacteria. Already after just a few seconds, viruses and bacteria spread out again on the surface. This can be caused by contact with a contaminated person or by aerosols in the air. These accumulate regularly until the next cleaning and disinfection.