The fight against the COVID-19 pandemic requires measures on all fronts.
Svirex, disinfection specialist
SVIREX SARL, specialist in the field of disinfection / decontamination, in the fight against bacteria, other pathogenic germs, viruses, including the coronavirus.
Innovative nanosystem solution
Notre mission est de soutenir et rassurer la population dans leur quotidien avec sérénité d'une manière durable avec des produits innovantes.

We are convinced that by adopting the Svirex solution, namely the aerosolization disinfection service and the coating of surfaces with an ultra-thin antimicrobial layer, in addition to the measures taken by the FOPH, that we could limit or even stop the spread viruses.

Quality control, 100 % satisfied
Highly professional staff
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99.9999 % Disinfection

Svirex Sàrl let's fight together against the pandemic

En 2022, Svirex Sàrl a reçu un prix pour le développement du Mali!