Disinfection for businesses affected by the coronavirus

Coronavirus and companies in French-speaking Switzerland

Début de semi-confinement : le 16 mars 2020, le Conseil fédéral a pris de nouvelles mesures de lutte contre la pandémie Covid-19.

Tout le pays a été placé en état de situation extraordinaire.

De fait, tous les magasins, restaurants, bars, commerces et établissements de divertissements, ainsi que toutes les activités liées aux services personnels (y compris les coiffeurs, barbiers, esthéticiennes, ongleries, tatoueurs) ont été fermés jusqu’à nouvel ordre.

Except for food stores and health establishments.

In business, the “Covid-19” coronavirus is disrupting the lives of many companies today. It is necessary to apply new safety standards and to respect vital health rules.

Favor teleworking: Companies must do everything to ensure that their employees stay at home, adapting their working method to teleworking.

To curb the epidemic, the Confederation solemnly called on the population on Friday to respect social distances.

The most effective way to fight the spread of the coronavirus is to limit physical contact.

Everyone, employer as well as employee, can contribute to fight against this diffusion, by having recourse, whenever possible, to teleworking.

Health rules in business and not eligible for teleworking: The employer is fundamentally bound to respect a duty of care towards the people he employs.

It is their duty to do everything possible and take the appropriate measures to reduce the possibilities of contamination.

He must also inform and give the necessary instructions to respect the health of the employees.

This includes hygiene measures such as the provision of hand disinfectant, the disinfection of offices and open premises.

Barrier gestures and the rules of distancing at work are imperative.
Companies must rethink their organization and adapt to protective measures for their employees.

Coronavirus disinfection
Keep your distance: Keep a distance of 2m with your interlocutors, collaborators.

Wash hands: Thorough hand washing with hydroalcoholic gels or soap and water is one of the best ways to slow the spread.

Cough and sneeze: To avoid spreading the coronavirus, like any other seasonal virus, cough and sneeze into a disposable tissue or the crook of your elbow.

No handshakes: Avoid handshakes and the best attitude to avoid contaminating your employees and colleagues

Symptom: If you have any symptoms, stay home and call your doctor or emergency room before traveling.

Limit meetings to what is strictly necessary:

most can be organized remotely
the others must be organized in accordance with the rules of distancing

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